HubNSub is a flexible workflow management platform that simplifies and transforms team’s process to a modern digital workplace. It helps organizations to align teams in all departments, while providing a wealth of information and KPIs about team’s performance, utilization and customer satisfaction.


HubNsub makes Difference


Powerful Dashboard

Hubs, Subs and Services are the main building blocks to organize your workflow and business processes. They act as a “home" for your services and requests. You have the ability to assign team members to manage and oversee activity within individual hubs, subs, and services.

Measure team success

Analyze detailed key performance indicators (KPIs) about each process performance. See metrics that matter the most to you. HubnSub helps you execute your process perfectly every time and maintain high-quality service.

Organization Modeling

Hubnsub clearly views your organization with the exact representation of your organizational structure. Leveraging the integration among teams. Which plays an important role in the optimitzation business process. In addition to its powerful collaboration features that can be easily customized to serve as a knowledge management system.


Drag-and-Drop forms

HubnSub lets you create custom requests that suit your work processes in an easy and simple way, that will:

  • Save time and effort.
  •  Request Starts as you create it.
  •  Track and follow up your requests easily .

Approval Workflow


  • Approving tasks, documents, budgets and other activities; can waste valuable time, especially when repeated on a regular basis.
  • Hubnsub helps to get your approval done more faster than before with the ability to track the approval progress.
Form Modeling
Cloud Omnipresence
Role Based Accessibility
Report Generation
User Reassignment
Integration Flexibility
SLA Indication
Codeless Optimization
Workflow Flexibility
Dashboard Representation

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