About US, HUBnSUB:

Who are we

HUBnSUB was introduced by Portapeople, a software development, and cloud systems consulting provider.

Our purpose

HUBnSUB is a business collaboration platform to:

  • Cut waste
  • Simplify work processes
  • Improve teams performance and communication

HUBnSUB helps organizations enter the new era of digital transformation as it’s becoming one of the highest priorities in both governments and businesses. Our platform provides organizations with the needed tools to increase employees’ productivity in every detail of work.

The platform transforms from an unpredictable work environment into a manageable environment to help business owners and managers to have an accurate picture of the internal processes inside the organization.

Hubnsub basic features

  • Brand department & services: build services and brand your department.
  • Publish your services catalogs: a great way to brand and publish your services or your internal processes.
  • Measure customer’s satisfaction: the ability to receive employees feedback and your team experience for each request or task in an organized manner.
  • Web and mobile-ready: the ability to use the platform on any device from anywhere.