Service Management

Any activity or process related to a HUB or SUB is called SERVICE.

Creating Services

Creating SERVICE on a HUB level means that you  create a SERVICE that haven’t been added to any SUB. It just belong to a HUB.

To create a SERVICE on a HUB level , navigate to the required HUB.


Then click “New" in the Service Management Section.


And type in your service information:

  • Type service name.
  • Type service Description.
  • Choose time completion time.
  • Type service prerequisites.
  • Choose the service availability.
  • Type form link.
  • Upload several image to describe the service.
  • Upload service image.

Editing Services

If you created a SERVICE and you want to edit it just follow the next instructions:

Navigate to the HUB which holds the SUB containing the SERVICE .

Click on SUB that contains the SERVICE .

Click on the SERVICE you want edit.


Then the service information section will show up which contains information about the service and you can edit any of this information if you need to .

You can add any of your team members to the SERVICE if click on “the plus sign" in the Members Management Section.


When you finish editing, click “Update".