Creating Workflow

To create a workflow , go to the settings menu at the top right corner and click “workflow settings".


The workflow settings window will show up.

Click “create workflow".


Fill in the required information :


Type your workflow name and description

then you should specify the service type

you have two types.

The first one is service desk and workflow which is an approval flow that needs approvals from the members involved in the workflow.

And after the approvals get accepted, someone of the members will be assigned to do the SERIVCE .

And the second is workflow which is an approval flow that just ends once the approvals get accepted from the members involved in the workflow.

you can upload any attachments related to the workflow.

Then you can set a kpi to measure your workflow performance.

Type your kpis description

If you want to set any kpis to help you in your performance measurement.

Here, you can type what measured units for your kpi for a specific period of time and any further explanations or implementation.

Baseline is the current performance indicator or it could a benchmark for your performance.

Next target is a goal set for your team members involved in the workflow to help keep you and your team focused on achieving your goals.

KPIs min is the minimum value that can be accepted so the target is said to be reached.

KPIs max is the maximum value that needed to reach out the target.

KPIs min and KPIs max is a range that lets you effectively track and assess your workflow performance.

Finally, define the approval flow to get your REQUEST approved by the proper members in no time.

And “click create".