Document Management Process

The document management template ensures the following:

1.     Documents are shared only by certain users/departments with access permissions based on their user role.

2.    Documents are stored in one secure location with access only by the document control department.

3.    Easy document retrieval by searching the document metadata.

4.    Documents are accessed digitally from HubnSub, there is no need for printing many copies saving time,cost and space.

5.    If a new version of the same document is being released, it is automatically distributed in the library. Old versions are archived in the obsolete document control department library.

6.    The same document (latest version) is being shared by responsible users ensuring consistency.

7.    If a document is expired, it is automatically removed from the valid library and archived in the obsolete library.

Other features:

Activities tracking- all activities done during the process are recorded either in the workflow or the request.
Customizable workflows- custom workflows can be created for choosing users who will participate in the approval process.
Customizable forms- custom forms can be created to capture the required data from users making a request.


Document Management Process Overview

DMS Process

This is just a sample for the DMS process. You can customize the workflow, approval and forms to fit with your organization’s processes.

  • The requester submits the document that will be handled by the Document Control Center.
  • The document is sent to the responsible department manager(s) for review. The department manager(s) can send the document back to the requester again for adjustments, or it can be sent to the DCC.
      • Document review by the department manager(s) is done using the Electronic Signature embedded in the system
  • After the department manager(s) review the document, it is automatically sent to the DCC officer to finally approve the document. The DCC can send the document back to the department manager(s) or the requester for adjustments.
      • DCC approval is also done using the Electronic Signature embedded in the system.
  • The DCC officer automatically generates the document meta data from the system.
  • Document distribution/withdrawal to the responsible departments  is automatically done.
      • Distribution or withdrawal depend on the the request type; whether it is a new document issue, document revision or an obsolete document.

Issuance Process
Revision Process

Obsolete Process

NoteThis template is just an example. You are free to create your own!