Guest and Published Service

There is a different scenario that could happen requiring someone out of the organization to collaborate with your organization.

So, HUBNSUB gives you the flexibility to deal with such a situation where this the person outside the organization  is considered a guest and all he can do is adding REQUESTS to services  so-called published services.

And the guest can add REQUESTS to the  published services through the landing page and this page can be accessed through the subdomain that you have specified which is a URL for the landing page.

To edit your subdomain, go to the setting menu and choose organization settings" and edit your Organization sub-domain and Landing page sub title which the title of the landing page.


You can visit your landing page when you click “visit page" at the bottom.

To create a published service all you have to do is to go to the SERVICE that you want to publish and to be displayed to the guests .


Then turn on “the publish this service choice"  at the bottom.

If a guest wants to make  a REQUEST than he clicks “request this service" .

Only the SERVICES that you make them published will appear here.