Requests Management

Members Assignment:

When you identify certain SERVICE to be carried out  and make a REQUEST to that SERVICE , you should assign someone and assign that REQUEST to him.

You can assign team members from the bucket view in the request tracking window.

“Assign to"
and choose to assign to yourself or someone else.


Change request status:


Change request status:

To change the request status, from the REQUEST page click on “the id request" you want to change its status.

Then a window specified to that REQUEST will show up containing all the necessary information.

You can get this window from the received, submitted and log views.

On the top right of your screen, you can change the status to start, reassign, on hold, mark as done and reject.

      Start: Click on “start" to start on executing the REQUEST and  this will move the REQUEST from To-do tab to the In-progress tab.

      Reassign: To Reassign  REQUEST to another member, click on “Reassign" and State the reason and choose which member to reassign the REQUEST to.

      When to reassign a request?

  • A multi stage process that require multiple members to work on a single request.
  • REQUEST assigned to the wrong Service member.
  • A service member that is on a leave.
  • Balancing the load between service members.

      Who can reassign requests?

  • Organization head can assign and reassign REQUESTS while in To-do tab.
  • Hub head can assign and reassign REQUESTS  while in To-do tab.
  • Sub head can assign and reassign REQUESTS while in To-do tab.
  • Service members can reassign REQUESTS while in To-do tab, On hold and In-progress.

      On hold: If you want to pause a executing a REQUEST then click on " On Hold". This will move the request from To-do tab to the On Hold tab.  and you should State the reason for putting the REQUEST on hold.

      Mark as done: Once a REQUEST is fulfilled, you can change its status to mark as done and this will move the REQUEST to the done tab and you can leave a final note as you finish up  with the REQUEST.

      Reject: If you don’t want to work on a REQUEST for some reason just click on “Reject" and state the reason for rejecting the REQUEST . Once REQUEST is rejected, the status cannot be changed.

And this will the REQUEST to Reject tab.


Specify working hours:

To specify how much is your working hours and any notes related to them.

you can click “working hours".

And type your working description and hours and after you finish click add.

Utilizing HNS Bot:

HNS Bot reminds you when the status of your REQUEST has been changed.

leaving Comments:

you can leave comments and notes about your REQUEST,  you want other members to see.

Just type your comments in the text area below.

uploading attachment:

you can upload any attachments related to the REQUEST by clicking “the plus sign" next to the text area.