Received View

Received View is the dashboard that consists of analytics and charts for REQUESTS that are sent to you.


Your Received requests chart shows the number of REQUESTS you have received and enable you to track the progress of your Received REQUESTS through five stages: Done, To Do, On Hold, In Progress, and Rejected.

You can also filter your Received REQUESTS by month.


Your current active requests table displays your Received REQUESTS that are being executed at the moment and shows you some information of these REQUESTS details as Requests ID, Requests Subject, Hub Name and to whom the request is assigned to.


Utilization Rate graph displays your percentage of the utilization rate (worked hours) within a year.

Utilization rate graph shows an indication of how busy your team members are and how efficient the workflow is.

Utilization rate graph helps you to have a deep insight on how long the work process is and what resources does it take to complete a task within your organization.

What to do when having Higher numbers?

  • Higher numbers means a lot of things, it may indicates a high influx in REQUESTS while having the same number of service members.
  • They might indicates a long process is required to complete a task.
  • They might also indicate there is a bottleneck process that takes longer than expect to complete.

Requests Aging In Days chart shows the number of delayed days for the Received REQUESTS.