Register as an organization head

To be an organization head and have his facilities and permissions , you have to create an account .

After visiting HUBNSUB website , and click “register" , you will move to the account creation process.

You will have to enter some basic information:

  • Type username, first name and last name
  • Type Email.
  • Set Password and Re-enter Password.
  • Agree to terms of service.

Click on “next step" button.

After that you can verify the account through your email address.


After confirming you account , you can enter your organization basic information.

  • Type Organization Name.
  • Type Sub Domain.
  • Type Sub Title.
  • Type Description.
  • Choose Organization Type.
  • Choose Organization Size.
  • Upload Organization Logo.

Then, click on “next Step".


To invite your team members, you can type their email address .

Then click “invite" to send the invitation.


Click “create without inviting" if you want to skip that and do it for later.


Register as a member through invitation

To log in HUBNSUB account as a member in the organiazation, the organization head who created the account must add you in the organization through your email address.

After the organization head add you, you will receive an invitation through your email address and a follow-up link within.