Requests Assignment Methods

When it comes to assigning your team members to do a SERVICE through a REQUEST  , HUBNSUB provides you with different methods so you can have more flexibility managing your team.

By controlling how your team members get assigned, you will have efficient distribution of the REQUESTS among your team which will reflect positively on your team performance.

There are three methods of REQUEST Assignment:

  • Manual Method
  • Pool Method
  • Auto Method

–  Manual Method : This method enables Sub heads , Hub heads and Org heads to assign REQUESTS to other members or assign themselves.

It is Not allowed for any  Head to assign REQUEST for higher Head.

The manual method is the default in the system, it is always working.

The manual method can work alone or with other methods.

–  Pool Method : This method enables Service Members, Sub Heads, Hub Heads and Org Head to assign REQUESTS to themselves and they can do that from the bucket which is a view that contains all the unassigned Requests and you can find it by clicking on the Request tab.


–  Auto Method : This method enables the system to distribute REQUESTS among skilled service members only  (not sub head, not hub head, not org head) automatically based on the next availability criteria.

  • Availability Criteria:

criteria 1: distribute the REQUESTS based on to-do requests and in-progress requests. Based on the total sum of the two, HUBNSUB will assign to the lower total.

criteria 2: distribute the REQUESTS based on in-progress requests. HUBNSUB will assign to the lower in-progress requests only.

You can set Assignment Methods when you navigate to the HUB information Section in the HUB whose SERVICES will be assigned.


From the Bucket View, you can assign any member of your team except for org members.

org members all they can do is submitting REQUESTS .

when you click “assign to", you have the option to either assign yourself or anyone else