Thanks for reading this documentation to learn more about how HUBNSUB works.

we are devoted to make it easy for you and  your team to do great work everyday.

This documentation is introduced in six categories.

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Account Basics: get you ready for creating your account and setting your profile and know how HUBNSUB works.

Organization management: learn how to create and manage the building blocks of HUBNSUB  “(HUB-SUB-SERVICE-REQUEST)"  after they’ve been introduced in the first category.

Members and team management: see how easily you can modify your organization structure and your team members and align them to boost your performance.

KPIs: explore the dashboard of HUBNSUB that gives you a wealth KPIs and analytics about your team performance so you will be able to know how to improve your performance.

Workflow Automation: one of the best features of HUBNSUB is the ability to automate your team workflow which ensure you a fast work stream among your team members.

Custom form:when it comes to request or order a task, you need a form and you should be able to create different types of forms to fit all your needs. Get ready to know how to use HUBNSUB to have the flexibility to create your own forms.

There are dozens of ways for optimizing your team workflow performance, discover them with HUBNSUB.