Service Maintenance Process Overview


Service Maintenance Process


  1. If there is a maintenance problem, the customer will submit a request from a pc/tablet/mobile.
  2. The service coordinator will review the request information submitted by the customer.
  3. After reviewing the request information, the service coordinator will assign the job to the most fit candidate service member.
    1. Requests can be assigned by the system automatically, so the service coordinator won’t have to assign each job manually.
    1. Requests can be scheduled (preventive maintenance) by the service coordinator so that the service team can work on requests later.
  4. The service team member will use the pc/tablet/mobile to view the job information.
    1. The service team will head towards the customer site(s).
  5. The service team will start working on the issue requested by the customer.
  6. The service team member enters the request details after the job is done.
    1. The customer signs digitally.
  7. After the request is fulfilled, the request details can be viewed by the service coordinator from his/her account dashboard.
    1. The dashboard will be used by the service coordinator to measure and monitor the process of the service maintenance team.