Tracking Requests

HUBNSUB gives the capability of tracking and filtering REQUESTS, so you can have a deeper insight about your team performance.

Go to the Requests page by clicking on “the Requests Tab" in the navigational panel on the left.

The typical page will look like this.


But the request page view depends on your role in the organization:

  • Organization Head: Can see all  the REQUESTS Received and submitted by all the members across the organization.
  • Hub Head: Can See all the REQUESTS Received and submitted by the SERVICE of his HUB.
  • Sub Head: Can See all the REQUESTS Received and submitted by the SERVICE of his SUB.
  • Service Member: Can See all REQUESTS Received if he was assigned and his  submitted REQUESTS .
  • Org Member: Can only see His Submmited REQUESTS from any SERVICE .

Now, let's discover the four main views of the requests page.

submitted Tab contains all of the REQUESTS that have been created by you or your team.

received Tab contains all of the REQUESTS Assigned to you or your team.

Bucket Tab contains all REQUESTS that are not assigned yet.

log tab contains all REQUESTS in the system (received, submitted and not assigned).


When you Submit or Receive a REQUESTS. It goes through multistage process until it is resolved as you can see in the Submit View, Receive View and Log View.

To-do Requests: this is the First stage of the REQUEST.
It is in this state until it is been assigned to someone.
Only in this  state, The sender can delete his REQUEST.

A REQUEST moves to the In progress tab, once a request has been assigned to someone.

On hold tab:  Whenever an issue comes up.
You can pause the REQUESTS . For example, the sender didn't provide all the necessary documents.

The Done tab: contains all successfully completed tasks. Once REQUESTS
has been Done no further modifications can be made.

The Rejected tab: will contain any REQUESTS that you have been rejected due to many reasons, like having the wrong documents. Once a request is being put in this state, no further modifications can be made.

In the bucket view, you can assign any of your team members to carry out the REQUEST except Org Members.

Org Members can't be assigned and all they can do is submitting REQUESTS.

After you click “assign to", you have the option to either assign your self or anyone else.