Exploring Interface

Hi, we are going to explore HUBNSUB interface.

It’s very easy to learn and intuitive to use.


At the top, here, you can view and modify your settings.

Next is the notifications and They are reminders to notify team members about the status of their REQUESTS .

And You can change the language between English or Arabic.

You have some shortcuts for quick access to create a REQUEST or a new HUB or invite members.

On the left, there’s a navigation panel,  you can just minimize this panel if you want more space.’

Dashboard tab displays your workflow details through five views that provide a wealth of information and KPIs about your team performance, utilization and customer satisfaction.

REQUESTS tab helps you track your REQUESTS through four main views for more holistic approach around organizing your work and enhance regular operations.


The HUBS tab shows you all of the HUBS so you can view them or create a new one.

Under the HUB tab is a list of HUBs .

you can click on each of them  to have a look over Its information , members ,SUBS and SERVICES or to create a  new one of them.

You can hit this arrow to expand the HUB to its fundamental elements , SUBS and SERVICES .

If the HUB doesn’t have one of them , they want appear.

This plus sign helps you to create a new REQUEST for that specific SERVICE .